**This photo was taken back during the days when I could still muster climbing a mountain.

Mt. Pulag, at 2922 meters above sea level, is the third highest peak in the country (next to Apo and Dulang-dulang) and the highest peak in Luzon. Now I haven't been to a lot of peaks, but Mt. Pulag is certainly one of the most picturesque. The photo shows the descent from the peak going back to the campsite with the early morning sun graciously shining. The campsite is surrounded by rolling grassy hills so vast and beautiful that I could actually picture Julie Andrews in the opening scene of Sound of Music. 
While most will say that Mt. Pulag is a great summer escape, I still think the best time to go is from December-January, when at night the temperature could drop to 2 degrees or even lower. Most people come to Pulag with the hopes of seeing the sunrise. After feeling cold the whole night, the sun shining is a most welcome sight. Imagine yourself in front of the golden sun, surrounded by an endless sea of clouds, and you get what possibly is the best sunrise experience ever.
For information on Mt. Pulag trails and sample itineraries, visit Pinoy Mountaineer.

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