Before I left for the holidays, this street corner with World Christmas gigantic displays caught my eye. This could possibly be the only part of Brunei that screams 'Happy Holidays!'

It was amazing to see all the non-Muslims flocking to that corner, eager to have their own little piece of something Christmas-y.  People took turns in having their photos taken with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, and Petronas Twin Towers as the background. Of course, the six bearded, smiling, sweet-smelling, Filipino-speaking Santas had the most photos.

In actuality, it looks like a Christmas display in a far-flung town in the provinces. It is small and doesn't compare to the Greenhills Christmas-On-Display show nor the Lights and Sounds show in Ayala, but it does make one excited and giddy, like a child.
I wouldn't be surprised if a Filipino thought of putting this place up to help bring cheer to the expat community. In a Muslim country like Brunei, this holiday passes without much fuss. I imagine that it would be a tough time for people used to festivities during this season. A year ago, I wanted to experience working in another country and see how would I fare. Let's just say that going away in December, far from family and friends, was not a smart idea. 😉
I am so glad I'm home.
Spread the love wherever you are this season! Happy Holidays!

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